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2023 Ellen Vetter Memorial Service Award Winners, (Top to Bottom) Sue Welty, Mark Phillips, and Vicky Hatcher


The Celebrate Portsmouth is Main Street Portsmouth In Bloom's [MSPIB] annual fundraiser.  The event includes a dinner, an cash bar, a silent auction, and comradery.

MSPIB conducts the organization's annual meeting at Celebrate Portsmouth, including progress, news, and a community update.

The annual Ellen Vetter Memorial Service Award for a lifetime of service to MSPIB and The Community is presented at Celebrate Portsmouth.


Celebrate Portsmouth 2024 will be held at the Shawnee State University Ballroom at 6pm on Thursday, March 7.

Join us for an evening of celebration and support the services MSPIB brings to The Community, including beautification, historic preservation, and public programming!


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