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Main Street Portsmouth In Bloom [MSPIB] and The City of Portsmouth are partnering to offer a grant program dedicated to facade and roof improvements to commercial properties within the City's Downtown Improvement District.

Each year, a minimum of $25,000 is awarded to Property Owners in the district.  The goal of the grant program is to improve the structural integrity, longevity, and overall physical appearance of buildings in Downtown Portsmouth, therefore, increasing the value to both the Owner and the Community.

MSPIB and The City of Portsmouth know Property Owners are a vital component of the success of economic development and community revitalization.


Building Improvement Grant Applications are due on December 31 each year.

Once the Application is submitted and made available to the public, the Design Review Board will meet and evaluate individual projects.  When approved, the Building Improvement Grant Committee will assess the projects and allocate grant money.

Application Criteria

Grant Application

Please visit The City of Portsmouth Engineering Department webpage, where copies of the Building Permit Application, the Design Review Board Certificate of Appropriateness, and an estimate of Building Permit fees are available for download:

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