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Alexandria Park is owned by the City of Portsmouth.  MSPIB has adopted Alexandria Park in order to maintain and monitor the area.

Alexandria Park is located at The Point in Portsmouth's Boneyfiddle Historic District, 110 Scioto Street.  Alexandria Park is named for the original settlement in the Ohio River Bottomland west of the Scioto River, abandoned due to repeated floods.


The Point is the land overlooking the confluence of the Scioto and Ohio Rivers.  Alexandria Park offers a spectacular view of the Ohio River, the Perkins Bridge, and the Kentucky Hills.

MSPIB Volunteers have spent over 15 years improving Alexandria Park.  The Park Sign, Memorial Benches, Picnic Tables, and Trash Cans were all funded by MSPIB Sponsors and installed by MSPIB Volunteers.

MSPIB Volunteer worked to plant diverse species of shade trees at Alexandria Park, and every year our Volunteers plant and maintain the vibrant Flowerbeds lining the park paths.

MSPIB contracted to have the two raised metal Butterfly Planters at Alexandria Park fabricated.  MSPIB Volunteers installed the planters, and every year our Volunteers fill the Butterfly Planters with seasonal flowers, bringing them to life with multiple botanical arrangements.


Photo by Toni Dengel

To support Alexandria Park, please use the Donate Button at the top of the page and designate the gift to Alexandria Park.

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