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Tour of Lofts

Updated: Jan 11

The Main Street Portsmouth Annual Tour of Lofts is a great way to explore an integral function of downtown living-- the historic and unique loft spaces above the businesses.

These lofts are a hot commodity, and also very limited, so touring the spaces is a real treat for many. Many of these spaces show classic architecture at the roots, with modernization and sleek design over top.

The tour consists of a handful of stops each year, recycling locations every few years, and throwing in an additional splash along the way-- from the Law Library in the Court House to the Portsmouth STEM Academy Campus.

Each dollar raised at the Tour of Lofts goes directly towards benefiting our Design Committee and our downtown beautification goals.

The Tour of Lofts 2023 will be held December 3.

2018 stops included:
Terry Ockerman’s loft at 842 Gallia Street; Charlotte Gordon and Mark Chepp’s loft at 838 Gallia; DeAtley’s Airbnb Loft at 216 Court Street; Patties and Pints at 546 Second Street; and The Glockner Building at 206 Market Street.
2019 stops included:
Shawnee State University Student Lofts at 318 Second Street; Patties and Pints at 546 Second Street; The Green Bean Cafe Lofts at 600 Second Street; Sean Boldman's Loft at 631 Second Street; Portsmouth STEM Academy Main Campus, 614 Third Street.
2021 stops included:
5091/2 Second Street 509 1/2 Second Street, 522 Second Street; 600 Second Street; 609 Second Street; and 222a Timlin Hill
2022 stops included:
116 Jefferson Street; 513 Second Street; 725 Fourth Street: The Air BnB Micro House; 638 Sixth Street; 317 Court Street: The Eli Kinney House

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