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Farm to Table

Updated: Jun 6

The Annual Farm to Table Dinner is one of Main Street's most popular events--featuring a good atmosphere, great locally-sourced food, and excellent people.

The food

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” -- JRR Tolkien

The menu of the Farm to Table is made each year by Market regular, Ronny Richards. He works with his son-in-law, Scott Claypool, to cook a great farm fresh meal that would make any country boy happy. The food is locally sourced, purchased by our vendors and other area farmers, which creates the high-quality and fresh taste people have grown to expect from us.

The atmosphere

The Farm to Table dinner is dressed in simple linens and mix-matched plates that bring the nostalgia of eating dinner at grandma's. The tables are kept simple, so that the beautiful flowers from Hog Lot Farms, owned by the talented Barb Davis, are the showcase of each table. We also have the soft acoustic sound of a guitar being played, by musician Andy Russell, which wraps everything together for a perfect evening.

The auction

The Dessert Auction is always a fun portion of the evening, where donated pies, cakes, and more are auctioned off to the highest bidder. It is always entertaining to listen and watch as the auctioneer flies through the ordeal, selling the pies to generous donors who believe in the Main Street mission.

The Farm to Table dinner will be announced shortly. Admission is $50 a ticket or $500 for a table sponsorship

The Farm to Table will be held August 31, 2023!

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