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Cut-Throat Karaoke

Updated: Jan 11

Nominate your friends, enemies, boss, representatives--anyone in the community-- to sing a song of YOUR CHOICE for $50.00. Nominations are made via Facebook messenger or in person at the Scioto County Welcome Center. In messenger, name the nominated person, their contact info, as well as your billing and contact information. They have to perform the song of your choice at the event or double down and pay $100.00 as a donation to the downtown development work organized by Main Street Portsmouth. If they do this, they then name the person who will sing their song for them! This show is completely out of tune and out of character!

Admission for the event will be $15, to watch the train wreck that will be the night of Cut-Throat Karaoke. We will have very limited tickets and they can be purchased at the Scioto County Welcome Center. Food and drink can be purchased at the Brewery.

Thanks to Michael Vermillion, of Imagine Design, for our graphic work and to the Boneyfiddle Project for loaning us their stage!

Cut-Throat Karaoke will be held June 24 in 2023

The current nominations include:

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