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2023 Corporate sponsors          $5,000

Southern Ohio Medical Center
Glockner Family of Dealerships
NEal Hatcher Realtor
City of Portsmouth
Scioto County commissioners

2023 Partner sponsors              $2,500

2023 PATRON sponsors                $1,000

Burnside brankamp Law

2023 FRIEND sponsors                 $500

Dr John Ditraglia
Dr. Amy Heim
Chris and MArilyn lute
Sustainable Ohio public energy council

2023 MSP supporter                    $250

Trina and Mike Adkins
Barbara and william burke
Diana and bob ratliff

2023 BUSINESS sponsors        $100-$300

American LEgion Post 23- $100
Babcock eye care- $100
Coffee at the lofts- $300
Edward Jones, Barry Rodbell- $100
Ghosts in the attic- $300
MArket Street cafe- $300
ralph scott funeral home- $200
The Happy pot- $100
Toro Loco II- $100

2023 INDIVIDUAL sponsors               $40

Jill arnzen
Alison Barrett
debbie daniels
Kathy Fish
KEvin W Johnson
RL Mohl
Suzette Rhea
PAtrick Sand

2023 FAMILY sponsors                      $60

MArylou and Gary Church
George and Debra Esham- $100
Jill and kirk MacDonald
HArold and connie massie
JEssica McCallister
Eric Musser
Joseph and sara pratt
Ann Sydnor- $100
John and Linda Walker
Peggy Yuenger

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